Elite Sparring Classes

During Taekwondo training, you will participate in one-step, two-step, three-step and free sparring. The step sparring is a form of drill training used by taekwondo students that aims to perfect the physical skills of the martial art. Free sparring pits you against one or more opponents. This teaches you to apply the kicking, punching and blocking skills in a real-life fighting situation. Protective gear is worn during sparring to protect you from injury. Sparring is integral to learning self-defence techniques of how to use an attacker’s strength and skills to defend yourself. To the right this is what a typical sparring class looks like at Bozdag Taekwondo.

We have designed an elite programme for members who want to specialise in the area Olympic sparring. The training will be for high level athletes aiming to compete in small and international competitions.

We have designed this high level programme that will push you to the next level and instructors will monitor progress of students, mentally and physically and invite students to be part of the elite sparring team.