For kids ages 4 to 6, we strive to make learning very engaging, fun, and fulfilling for them in a safe, friendly and healthy environment.

The primary focus of the Little Tigers programme is to build self-confidence, focus, discipline, motor skills, and flexibility/fitness that they can adapt and thrive in the real world.

Our classes incorporate the "Yes, I can" philosophy which boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. At Bozdag Tae Kwon-Do School, we firmly believe that a strong mind builds a strong body.

We do not do belt grading for this class. Once we see they have developed the foundation of skills, we move them to the beginner white belt kids class where they will be ready to learn our specialised belt grading syllabus and grade to the next belt.

·       Confidence

·       Teamwork & Social Skills

·       Self-control & awareness

·       Discipline & Focus

·       Build on motor skills (balance, co-ordination)

·       Increase fitness & flexibility

Practicing Taekwondo enhances concentration, increases attention span and enhances the student's ability to focus. By raising children's level of concentration, their scholastic achievements will be greatly improved.

Taekwondo implies discipline, control and connection (or harmony) of the body, mind and spirit.